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On this page you will find an sample of the products available.  This is by no means exhaustive so if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us.


Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Rich, Weldable, Single Pack Etch, Two Pack Etch, Red Oxide, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Pigmented Primers, High Build Primer, Primer Fillers  Etc ........


Polyurethane, Alkyd, Cellulose, Acrylic, Floor Paints, Boat and Barge Paints, Coach Enamel, 2k Polyurethane, 2 Pack Epoxies, Machine Enamels, Surface Tolerant Paints, PVC Paints Etc ........



All types of thinners from very fast low flash point versions for spraying to slower thinners suitable for brush applications.

Ancillary Products

Abrasive Discs Sheets and Belts, Tack Rags, Degreasing Solutions, Welding Products, Testing and Measuring Instruments, Blasting Accessories Etc ........

We know that it’s important that you get your products where you want them when you want them.  For that reason we deliver next day and in most cases collection can be made same day.


One of our main specialities is bespoke aerosol filling. Any finish, any colour filled into aerosols.  Perfect for small repairs, inaccessible areas, site work etc.  These are available in 24 hours delivered, at very reasonable prices.  Why buy 5 litres when you only need to spray a few items?

Gloss Levels

Most of our topcoats are available in Full Gloss, Semi Gloss, Eggshell and Matt finishes


As well as standard RAL, BS and Pantone colours we are also able to make bespoke house shades and special colour matches to order